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Hello,my name is Paul Paeleman. I'm 49 years old and married with Elvira Pietraszkiewicz. Together we have two sons. Joeri and Dimitri. We live in a small village at the Northern part
of Belgium which is situated about 6 km of the Dutch border.
The name of that village is Oud-Turnhout ...

As a graphic consultant my days are completely filled with meetings, trainings, screenings which I perform in Graphic Companies and Advertising Agencies and a lot of projects in which I'm involved. Some years ago, I realised that business and career are very important but not the only goal in men's life. My family is the most important thing I have and instead of working day and night, I suddenly discovered that one of my old passions, flying, forced me in a new phase of my life. I had to realise a dream that chased me for more than 40 years. Since I was a child I dreamed to become a pilot.

And, at least, 4 years ago I started my training PPL (Privat Pilot Licence) which I finished last year at Sanicole, a local cosy airfield some 30 km more to the South. Since that day, Elvira and I enjoy the freedom of flying. The freedom of sailing between clouds, high and separated from all the problems people experience on the world's surface.

As an ex passionated RC Modeller, I always dreamed of building my own airplane. 
A fast, not-to-much-limited airplane which has the possibility to enlarge this view on freedom. An airplane that gives us the possibility to enjoy the freedom of travelling around in the most beautifull environment that Europe offers. And, that dream is this RV-7A project. To be realistic, I know that this project will cost me 4 years to finalise it, but,
I'm sure that the coming 4 years will become the most satisfying years of my life.
I hope you will find yourself back in this wonderful project and, maybe it will inspire you in one or another way...